so we can light a match
and burn them down
Let me in the walls you've built around
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The real world.

This is from That’s So Raven, where Chelsea and Raven apply to work at the same clothing shop. Chelsea is white; Raven is black. Chelsea gets the job, despite being utterly horrible at it, while Raven, who has a deep interest in fashion and knows how to handle clothes, does not. The girls find this deeply suspicious, so Chelsea wears a hat with a camera on it and questions the employer. The employer admits what she does in the gif above and Chelsea and Raven submit the footage to a news station.

And THAT is why That’s So Raven is the best TV show ever.

That’s not even the only reason why it was the best show ever

The world needs to be a little more Raven

Don’t leave out the part where the model says “I don’t even look like that”
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my mother’s trust issues are leaking into my chest
and I’ve got my father’s nose and his tendency to
stop calling back
so I’m sorry
about the 9 missed calls I have from you
and the 6 voicemails I never played
I swear I’d love you if I could
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